Mid West Sustainable Freight Partnership Launched

This partnership, which grew out of the EU InterReg “Weastflows” project in which Limerick City and County council and the IEA were partners, was launched in Limerick on November 21st. The new partnership is driven by Limerick Chamber along with the Shannon and Ennis Chambers and supported by Limerick City and County Council. Speakers at the launch event included Faye Carroll, Assistant Principal at the Climate Change Unit at the department of Transport, Tourism and Sport (DTTAS) who spoke about the challenges that Irish Freight Transport in particular, faces in meeting its carbon reduction targets, while Howard Knott of IEA spoke about the Brexit challenges specific to the Mid-West Region.

In introducing the event Limerick Chamber CEO, James Ring outlined a number of the objectives of the Partnership. These include:

To strengthen and improve the representation of the infrastructure, export generator, logistics, freight forwarding, customs services, and retail industry in the region.

In this respect the Partnership’s core goals will be:

  • to represent its members;
  • to influence, on behalf of the freight & logistics sector current and future policy and legislation;
  • to promote the sharing and learning of best practices from across the industry;
  • to lobby for infrastructural and regulatory investment;
  • to contribute to research and innovation through collaboration and co-opetition amongst competitors;
  • to improving the attractiveness of the sector for new recruits;
  • to improving the education and training opportunities of employees

It is hoped that the Partnership will work closely with the IEA’s Regional and Supply Chain groups in pursuit of the common aim of Supply Chain excellence for exporters in the Region and become a template for similar bodies elsewhere.

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