Port Tunnel, HGV Management Strategy Damaging to Exporters

The Irish Exporters Association and its Trade Facilitation Division reviewed last week the anticipated impact on export business of the new Dublin Traffic Management plan following the opening of the Dublin Port Tunnel on the 20th December. The key findings were as follows:

Ø South County Dublin: Exporters in industrial estates in south county Dublin stated that the current 11 mile routing into Dublin Port will now be increased to 31 miles. The road freight tariff is expected to increase by 10% approx, as an added two tariff zones will now be travelled.

Ø Dublin West; Industrial estates around Tallaght will have an added 10 miles onto the journeys. The road freight tariff is expected to increase by 5% as a consequence. Exporters with premises just outside Dublin city cordon area will not be able to get a permit for 5 Axle vehicles to collect and deliver. This will cause major difficulties for these companies as they move goods to and from Dublin Port. It may force the closure of certain older plants in Dublin areas such as Cabra.

Ø Exporters generally state that the push to remove 5 Axle HGV from Dublin is a retrograde step as it will force the return of the less efficient 20 foot truck.

Ø All exporters from outside the Greater Dublin area also state that they expect longer delays and higher costs in accessing Dublin Port through the tunnel.

Brendan Farrell, Chairman of the IEAs Trade Facilitation Group Stated;

“The new Dublin Traffic Management Strategy for HGV following the opening of the Port Tunnel on the 20th of December is in effect an Anti-Export Strategy”

He went on to say;

“The real picture is far from the rosy picture that Dublin City council are portraying in their radio advertising campaign. We estimate that the cost to exporters of the new strategy will be €13.5 million per annum in increased freight and supply costs. There will also be added costs to meet the forced phasing out of 5 Axle Vehicles and the related 45 foot containers, for companies within the cordon area”

The Irish Exporters Association representatives went on to point out the poor quality of the technical content of the new strategy, in that there is a call for all HGV operators with a vehicle width greater than 2.4 metres wide to report to the Tunnel Operator. As virtually all HGVs have a standard width when loaded with a 45 foot container of 2.44 metres, this is clearly going to lead to chaos.

In a final Comment, Brendan Farrell of the IEA stated;

"Dublin City Council must as a matter of urgency issue a revision of this ill-advised and poorly constructed HGV Traffic Management Strategy.

Further, we wish to ask the Minister for Transport Martin Cullen to look into what powers he has to ensure this matter is urgently addressed as it is of critical importance to exporters”



For further information contact: Mr. John Whelan, Chief Executive, IEA

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