Surveillance Document on aluminium imports from outside the E.U.

In response to the increase of Aluminium imports on 12th May 2018 the European Union introduced prior “surveillance” for certain aluminium products.  It was proposed in order to protect the domestic industry and to register aluminium imports.

EU imports of companies engaged in the import of aluminium products originating from third countries (including Turkey) in the 7601, 7604, 7605, 7606, 7607, 7608,7906 and 7616.999 tariff positions must obtain a Surveillance Document from the competent authorities in their own countries.

The importer should submit a copy of contract of sale or pro-forma invoice. Authorities should issue the Surveillance Document within five working days of receipt of completed applications.  The Surveillance Document is valid for four months and can be renewed. Surveillance Document are not required for shipments of net weight 2,500 kgs or less or for products originating in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

In accordance with the subject legislation to avoid delays at import customs from 12th May 2018 you must obtain a Surveillance Document prior to entry into EU territory (as is currently the case for imports of Steel to the E.U.).

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