How the Customs System works in Ireland

The Customs System in Ireland can be complicated with a number of different components for businesses to consider.

By way of the flow chart below we have outlined how Imports and Exports are lodged in the Customs System in Ireland.

An export and import declaration for customs purposes is a legal act whereby a person indicates in the prescribed manner and form, a wish to place goods under the export/import procedure in order to export/ import goods from/ to Ireland.

In Ireland Import/Export declarations are lodged via the AEP system. This system is responsible for the validation, processing and clearance of customs declarations along with the calculation of the Import Duties due. It also verifies that sufficient credit is available in the trader’s account to cover the import liability if the trader operates a deferred payment arrangement.

If you are not familiar with this process we would recommend attending a training course to provide a full overview of the key elements to consider when importing or exporting from Ireland.

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