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Intermodal Freight Route Planner evaluation completes Mid-June

The IEA has played an active role in the EU-EIP Intelligent Transport Services project which completes its work in June 2017. While much of the project has focussed on the development of as close to seamless as possible road freight routes across an East-West corridor, the IEA’s specific input has been the development of an intermodal route planner. This planner is intended to inform freight Forwarders, hauliers and cargo shippers of the current range of origin/destination routes built on the use of container and other intermodal equipment using mainly a combination of modes other than road, specifically, sea, rail and barge.

Unlike a number of similar route planners introduced by certain ports and Lines in recent months the EU project’s planner is totally port and service neutral.

We would now ask you to test this intermodal route planner and give your feedback!

The Planner provides an overview of (almost) all intermodal freight connections on the East West Corridor, running from Ireland/UK via Benelux, Germany and Poland to the Baltic States. The planner can be found on We would like to receive feedback on this intermodal route planner, to hear whether it is useful, easy to navigate, complete, etc. The questionnaire with only 7 questions can be found here:

While this project started long before BREXIT was even thought about its relevance has been greatly enhanced by this development and the need for exporters and importers to re-examine their traditional routes with partners in continental Europe.

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